Foreign nationals arrested after bike rampage on Koh Samui

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Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

Chaos erupted on the usually serene holiday island of Koh Samui when two foreign nationals turned the tranquil road leading to Choengmon Beach into their personal racetrack.

Equipped with roaring big bikes and an audacious attitude, their disruptive antics soon drew the ire of locals.

Residents, living in the northeast corner of the island, initially complained tothe the Bophut Police Station. The names of the offending tourists were not disclosed.

The community accused the duo of creating a public nuisance by riding their excessively loud motorcycles at high speeds, zipping through the area a dozen times each day. Additionally, the locals claimed the tourists posed potential threats to public safety.

Despite their frustrations, the police required concrete evidence of the flagrant offences to take action. Rising to the challenge, the determined residents captured the rowdy riders on video. The footage included the particularly offensive moment when one of the bikers brazenly flipped the middle finger at them.

With this incriminating evidence in hand, the Bophut police chief, Police Colonel Denduang Thingsrisook, swiftly ordered his team to set up a checkpoint near Chaweng Beach. The plan worked, and the troublesome tourists were apprehended yesterday evening.

Investigations revealed that both motorcycles had unauthorised modifications and were rented from a shop in Phuket, reported Bangkok Post.

The arrest was met with widespread praise from the local community, who lauded the police for their prompt and decisive action in response to the video evidence.

In related news, Pattaya locals were left sleepless and outraged as a Russian big biker revved his engine into the night at FlowerLand Pattaya. The raucous disturbance prompted a visit from news reporters and a swift intervention by the police.

On January 3, around 11pm, the peace in FlowerLand’s vicinity was shattered, triggering a flood of complaints from agitated residents.

In other news, authorities in Patong had to intervene when a foreign tourist, heavily intoxicated, caused a disturbance on Thaweewong Road early Tuesday morning, May 14. Despite the incident occurring four days prior, details were released on May 18, underscoring that officers adhered to standard police protocols.


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