Pattaya mayor warns residents of impersonation scam

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Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet has issued a stern warning to Pattaya residents after uncovering a shocking scam: his social media accounts on Facebook, TikTok, and LINE have been maliciously impersonated. The fraudulent accounts, brazenly using his name and photos, have deceived the public into believing they were engaging with the real mayor.

Pattaya City isn’t taking this lightly. Legal action is already underway. Marayat Pongthawornphinyo, a dedicated legal officer, has been appointed to represent the mayor in this matter. She has officially lodged a complaint with the police, aiming to prosecute those behind these deceitful accounts.

“This misuse of Mayor Poramet’s identity is not just a personal attack; it’s an attempt to defame him, discredit his public image, and cause embarrassment.”

The formal complaint was filed with Police Major Colonel Phadungsak Inphadung at Pattaya Police Station, setting the legal wheels in motion, reported Pattaya Mail.

Authorities are committed to following through with the legal processes until justice is served.

In related news, an alleged highway police impersonator in Chon Buri has been accused of extorting 15,000 baht from three migrant workers for not carrying their passports. The incident, which was captured in a video clip and shared on Facebook, reveals a man dressed like a police officer demanding the sum from the workers, threatening legal action that could result in a fine of 100,000 baht.

In other news, Mayor Poramet launched a groundbreaking initiative to tackle the chaos of school traffic as the new semester kicks off. The mayor has rallied the Order Maintenance Division and traffic police from Pattaya City to ensure smooth and safe commutes for students and parents.

Determined to ease the daily gridlock, city officials are out in force every morning and evening, especially during the dreaded rush hours. The aim is to create a seamless travel experience by strategically directing vehicles, managing pedestrian flows, and regulating intersections around municipal schools.

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