Thai father abuses 8 year old son over religion choice (video)

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Photo via Channel 7

Non-profit organisation Saimai Survive rescued an eight year old boy from his father, who allegedly physically abused him to force him to convert from Buddhism to Islam. The boy was reportedly punished with beatings when he would not worship Allah.

The boy’s mother and grandmother sought help from Saimai Survive, sharing videos of the boy being abused. The videos show him standing and carrying a basket and roll of metal wire over his head. In one video, he is seen repeatedly sitting and standing while carrying these objects, which are considered too heavy for his age.

The grandmother told Saimai Survive and Channel 7 that the boy’s father divorced his mother and started a new relationship with a Muslim woman. He then converted to Islam to follow his girlfriend’s faith.

The father reportedly wanted his son to convert to Islam as well, but instead of encouraging him, he allegedly forced the boy to adhere to Islamic practices. The boy was transferred from his previous school to an Islamic religious centre and forced to participate in religious ceremonies.

According to the grandmother, the boy was punished, as seen in the videos, if he could not properly worship Allah or perform other religious activities as his father expected.

The grandmother wanted her grandson to return to the regular school system and have the right to choose his own religion.

Saimai Survive, along with authorities from the Nong Chok Police Station and the Bangkok Shelter for Children and Family, raided the father’s home today, May 24.

During police questioning, the father denied all allegations made by his ex-wife’s family. He admitted to punishing the boy with beatings but claimed it happened a long time ago and was unrelated to religion.

He denied forcing his son to convert to Islam and accused the boy’s grandmother of fabricating the story out of anger because he had moved out of her house and stopped paying the house installment.

The Thai authorities found traces of punishment on the boy’s body, confirming that it was old but still a violation of his rights and the law.

A final decision has not yet been made. The boy is currently under the care of the Bangkok Shelter for Children and Family, and authorities will assess whether his mother is fit to take custody of him.

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