Insomniacks Teams Up With Samsung On Galaxy A55 / A35!

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Samsung just teamed up with Insomniacks to promote the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 smartphones, and there is a giveaway too! Here is what you need to know…


Insomniacks Teams Up With Samsung On Galaxy A55 / A35!

If you’re thinking the Samsung Galaxy A Series has got just about everything you need to make your life bigger, better, and all-around awesome, wait’ll you see – and hear – what else is in store for you.

Samsung Malaysia Electronics has teamed up with the Insomniacks to sing a sweet serenade to the power of unshakeable companionships – featuring their latest hit single ‘Teman’.

With lyrics that express a strong commitment to loyalty and support for one’s companion, there is no better musical pairing to celebrate the reliability and steadfastness the Samsung Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 can bring to your life.

Malam ini dan selamanya,

Aku dan dirimu akan bersama, Walau kita tidak bisa bertemu,

Aku di sini teman baikmu

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Insomniacks Teams Up With Samsung On Galaxy A55 / A35!

“Samsung’s collaboration with the Insomniacks represents a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and the artistry of music.Insomniacks’ hit song ‘Teman’ resonates perfectly with the theme of connectivity and companionship that defines the Galaxy A55 5G,” says Denny Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

“All in all, the A series embodies Samsung’s commitment togiving our customers trusted companions that enrich and elevate the everyday into all things awesome. Truly, you can’t find a better companion than the Galaxy A55 5G and we at Samsung are proud to be an indispensable part of your life.”


Galaxy A55 / A35 / A25 / A15 / A05 Owners : Win Some Prizes!

If you haven’t heard, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is also giving you the opportunity to celebrate being awesome with the “Lebih Awesome, Lebih Menang!” A-series Giveaway Contest.

The “Lebih Awesome, Lebih Menang!” contest offers prizes worth up to RM 1,000,000 including a brand-new Yamaha Y15ZR motorcycle , a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet or Samsung Galaxy Buds FE earbuds!

Participating is quick and convenient. Simply purchase any of the Galaxy A05, A15, A25, A35 and A55 series model and follow these steps:

  • Install the Samsung Members App
  • Existing members can log into their Samsung Members account, while new members need to create a Samsung account to get started.
  • After logging in, agree to the Terms and Conditions of the contest.
  • Answer the Question: Share “What do you like about Samsung Galaxy A-series?“, and submit your entry for a chance to win!

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Samsung Galaxy A55 : Price + Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A55 comes with 8 GB of RAM, and either 128 GB or 256 GB of storage, with the option to add a microSD card in the hybrid SIM tray. It is covered by a 2-year warranty, with the following launch prices:

  • 8 GB + 128 GB : £439 / A$699 / S$618
  • 8 GB + 256 GB : RM1,999 / £489 / S$698

Surprisingly, Samsung decided not to bring the Galaxy A55 to the United States, and suggested that customers consider the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 FE instead. However, it is possible to purchase Latin American unlocked devices in the US (see below).

There are four colour options, which are not available in all countries – Awesome Iceblue, Awesome Lilac, Awesome Lemon, and Awesome Navy.

Here are online purchase options (we may get commission from your purchase) :


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