John Barnett Autopsy Confirms Suicide, Conspiracists Wrong!

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Conspiracists were just proven wrong (again!) when the autopsy of John Barnett showed that the Boeing whistleblower did indeed commit suicide!


Claim : John Barnett Did Not Commit Suicide!

Right after news broke that John Barnett was found dead in his truck outside a Holiday Inn in Charleston, some people immediately suggested that the Boeing whistleblower might have been assassinated to prevent his testimony against the aerospace giant.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr : John Barnett worked for Boeing for 32 years. The company worked to destroy his life after he exposed safety concerns. I’m proud that my sister Rory worked to tell his story in her award winning documentary Downfall: The Case Against Boeing. Boeing killed 346 people out of greed. Let’s hope there is a genuine investigation of John Barnett’s “suicide.”

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John Barnett Autopsy Confirms Suicide, Conspiracists Wrong!


Truth : John Barnett Was Alone When He Committed Suicide!

Here is what you need to know about John Barnett’s unfortunate death, and why he committed suicide, and was not assassinated…

Fact #1 : John Barnett Committed Suicide

On Friday, 17 May 2024, both the Charleston Police Department and the Charleston County Coroner’s Office separately concluded their extensive investigations, and both issued reports that concluded that John Barnett committed suicide.

John Barnett had been in Charleston, South Carolina, to give his testimony against his former employer – the embattled aerospace giant, Boeing, when he was found dead from a gunshot wound in his truck, in the parking lot of his hotel, a Holiday Inn. He was 62 years old when he died.

The reports released by the police and the coroner, included nearly 100 pages of incident reports, a 911 recording from the hotel worker who found Barnett, and a photo of the note that Barnett left behind. Ultimately, it has been confirmed that John Barnett committed suicide, and he was alone in his truck:

  • investigators found him alone and locked inside his truck, with the key fob in his pants pocket,
  • there was no sign of forced entry, or a physical struggle,
  • his phone and hotel key card showed no suspicious activity,
  • his truck was undisturbed until the discovery of his body the next morning,
  • the ballistics report showed that the bullet was “fired by the firearm located in the victim’s hand”, and
  • the silver Smith and Wesson handgun was registered to Barnett, and legally purchased in 2000,

The report from Charleston County Coroner Bobbi Jo O’Neal read, “All findings were consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound“, and concluded that the manner of death is best deemed “suicide“.

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John Barnett Autopsy Confirms Suicide, Conspiracists Wrong!

Fact #2 : John Barnett Left A Suicide Note

The police investigation also revealed that a notebook with Barnett’s fingerprints were found next to him, together with “what amounts to a suicide note”, and that only his fingerprints were found on the suicide note.

Comprehensive fingerprint analysis confirmed Mr. Barnett’s fingerprints on the notebook. Three prints were inconclusive due to insufficient detail for identification. All fingerprints on the page containing the note were identified as Mr. Barnett’s.

The police also shared a photo of the handwritten suicide note, with a jumble of thoughts written in three different orientations:

I can’t do this any longer!!! Enough!! Boeing!!! Family & friends I love you all

And I wasn’t stoned when I wrote this… really!

Trump 2024

American come together or die!! I pray the motherfucker that destroyed my life pay!!! I pray Boeing pays!!!

Bury me face down so Boeing and their lying ass leaders can kiss my ass

To my family and friends, I found my purpose! I’m at peace! I love you more

P.S. The entire system for whistleblowers protection is fucked up too!!

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John Barnett Autopsy Confirms Suicide, Conspiracists Wrong!

Fact #3 : John Barnett Was Alone When He Committed Suicide

Conspiracists have been claiming or suggesting that John Barnett was somehow assassinated to prevent his testimony against Boeing, never mind the fact that his testimony is already on the record.

Fortunately, investigators were able to recover surveillance footage which showed that John Barnett was alone when he committed suicide:

  • On March 8, Barnett entered the Holiday Inn alone at 7:26 PM, and went to his room at 7:36 PM, and left the building by himself at 8:37 PM.
  • His Dodge Ram was seen backing into a parking lot at 8:45 PM, and remained stationary throughout the night, and into the morning of March 9.
  • No one else entered or exited the truck, and no one approached the truck, in the surveillance footage.
  • The truck’s brake lights blinked on and off at around 7:20 AM on March 9. A Holiday Inn worker told police officers he heard a “pop” sound that morning, but didn’t think anything of it.

Mr. Barnett’s vehicle was captured on video reversing into a parking space at 8:45 p.m., where it remained stationary until it was discovered by officers the following morning. Throughout the night, there was no video evidence of anyone interacting with the vehicle, entering it, or the vehicle leaving its parking spot.

John Barnett’s attorneys called him at around 9 AM. When he didn’t answer, they called the hotel and asked for a welfare check. Hotel employees searched the hotel and parking lot, which was when they found Barnett dead in his truck, which was locked.

Thanks to the surveillance footage, the investigators can conclusively prove that John Barnett committed suicide, and was not “assassinated” by Boeing, or the Deep State, the New World Order, the Illuminati, or the bogeyman of the day.

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John Barnett Autopsy Confirms Suicide, Conspiracists Wrong!

Fact #4 : John Barnett Had Mental Health Challenges

The Charleston County Coroner’s Office looked at John Barnett’s medical records, and interviewed his family members, attorneys, and people connected to him.

Its report described how John Bartnett was under chronic stress because of the whistleblower case, and that he was suffering from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, while grieving the 2022 death of his wife.

Regardless of what he may have told his family and friends earlier, the preponderance of evidence show that John Barnett took his own life.

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